Split CSV

What is , How to Use & Thing to Pay Attention

If you are running tests with more than one engine and you want the engines to test using original values over your CSV data, you can use the "Split CSV" option.

In other words, CSV is divided into certain sections so that each engine doesn't use the same data, so each engine is tested with different data.

Let's explain with a small example.

For example, we want to raise 10 engines, we want to run the test with 500 threads per engine, ie 5K threads in total, and you have uploaded 5K unique user data with CSV file. If you want different user data to be sent to each engine and if you select the "Split CSV" option, the CSV will be divided into 10 and different data will be transmitted to each engine.

If you are wondering how you can do it, first we upload our CSV file to the ‘Upload File’ field. After activating the Split CSV field below, we select our CSV file that needs to be split.

If you have more than one CSV file and want to split more than one CSV file, Loadium offers you multi Split CSV feature :) You can add files with .csv extension to the Split CSV are where you uploaded to the upload file area. Again, with the same logic, your CSV files will be split and distributed to the engines.

But there are points we need to pay attention to

  1. The file extension should be .csv, for example not txt or vb.

  2. The path in the CSV should only be the name csv. (Absolute path should be given)

  3. Variable Names fields should be given as they are separated in the file.

  4. Delimiter part to indicate how you separate your parameters in csv.

  5. You can see an example below.

That's all for Split CSV :)

If you don't see the answer to your question here, please reach out to us to let us know! We're always improving our documentation.