Projects Tab

In this article, what projects tab is used for is explained in details

Projects are designed to organize tests and reports and track usage within a Workspace.

How to Add a New Project?

There are 2 ways to create a new Project.

First Way:

When we click on the Projects tab, the following screen will appear. A default project will appear. All tests are under this project's. However, if you want to add different projects and group your tests, you can create a new project by clicking the "Create Project" button.

After clicking the Create Project button, the modal below will open. After filling the Name and Description fields clicking the Create button, you will see a new project is created.

Second Way:

We can also create a project by selecting the test type you want under the New Test tab and clicking the + button on the edit screen that appears.

When you fill in the Modal and create a new project, you can see all your projects under the Project tab.

The icons on the right, respectively:

  1. View Test: You can view the tests under this project.

  2. Edit Project: You can edit the project name and description area.

  3. Delete Project: If the project is empty, you can delete it.

How To Create a Test in a Project

If you select the project on the edit screen while creating a test, your test will be created under the project you want.

How To Move a Test from One Project to Another

For example, I want to move the test from the default project to the Loadium project. Click the Test View icon to the right of the default project, click the edit icon to the right of the test you want.

When I come to the edit screen, I select and save the Loadium in the Project area.

I moved the test I wanted under the Loadium project :)

Enjoy Testing!

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