How to Install JMeter Plugins

JMeter has many plugins that come in handy from time to time for either developing a script or viewing results. It is an easy and brief process to install and start using plugins in your script. Let's take a look.

JMeter Plugins Manager

The first thing to start with is JMeter Plugins Manager, which helps you to install, upgrade and uninstall your Plugins without any confusing steps.

With the help of the Plugins Manager, now you don’t have to install various plugins manually. The Plugins Manager does it itself without confusing you with installation files and etc.

How to install?

1) Download the JMeter Plugins Manager JAR file and then put it into JMeter’s lib/ext directory.

2) Start JMeter and go to “Options” menu to access the Plugins Manager.

3) And here it is, JMeter Plugins Manager. From this dialogue you may install, uninstall or upgrade your Plugins only by clicking the check-boxes. The plugins which need upgrades will appear in italic mode. If you are done with your install, uninstall or upgrade, you just need to click Apply Changes and Restart JMeter.

If you want to use JMeter in command mode, you may want to check here.

Happy load testing!

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