Script Builder

Brief introduction for Loadium's online script editors

Loadium provides online web editor interfaces to ease the process of creating a load test script while adapting a zero-code approach. If you are new to load test scripting frameworks, Loadium's script editors are aimed to be easy to use and get things going faster.

This also allows teams to work with better cooperation by removing the hassle of passing script files constantly, your custom script will be available to edit whenever you log in to Loadium.

There are 2 types of editors on Loadium.

1) HTTP Builder

This one is aimed to be very simple where you will give inputs manually such as Target URL, Timeouts, Method Type, Body, etc.

Simple HTTP Builder

2) Record & Play

This one has 2 types of usages.

The first one is similar to HTTP Builder but will allow more customization, such as creating global variables, changing request's order dynamically, adding delays between requests etc.

The second usage is with the web surfing recorder which is a Chrome extension that can be installed, where your recorded request will be transferred to the editor to tailor bigger scripts.


Happy Testing!

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