Start Performance Test Service
You need to make a POST request to start your performance test according to the testkey value extracted from โ€œGet Test Listโ€ service.
curl --request POST --url --header 'Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN'
Response will give bring a sessionKey value unique to this test run. Every time a test is triggered, new sessionKey will be generated. You need to extract this sessionKey to send it to โ€œGet Test Statusโ€ service.
{ "status":"SUCCESS", "session":{ "testKey":"m2hi5juqaqdnhq6k1sngkt6col7gte3", "sessionKey":"kvvd55j45pak37dab1dsnld1jbqkbt7", "sessionStatus":1 } }
Enjoy load testing!
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Last modified 8mo ago
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