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If you click the account button in the dropdown menu that opens after clicking your name to see your profile information, you will come to the account page.
There are five tabs when you navigate to your account information page.
  • Basic Informations
  • Usage Information Chart
  • User Information
  • Address
  • Subscription Information

Basic Informations

In this page, you are able to see your Loadium usage.
  • Total test or vuh count
  • Executed test or vuh count
  • Remaining test or vuh count
can be found on that page.

Usage Information Chart

On Loadium you can see the number of tests used or Vuh usage daily, monthly and yearly as a bar chart.You can view the number of tests used in a table or your Vuh usage by clicking the View Full Report button.
User Information
You can see your user information in this area.
You can see your address information in this area.
Subscription Information
You can see your subscription information in this area.Note: You cannot run a test if your End Date has expired.
Enjoy Load testing!
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