Report PDF Export

How to export your reports as PDF file

How to Use Loadium PDF Export Feature

Loadium has another useful feature for its customers; PDF Export.

With this feature, you can export a PDF file of your test report by selecting the metrics and information you want to view. This feature is only available to subscription members, you can take a look at Loadium Subscription page first.

Step by Step How to Use

  1. Select the test of report you want to review.

  1. The previously run tests will be displayed on this screen. On the test you want to view, click the "Report" button.

  1. Click the "PDF Export" button on the right, top of test report page.

  1. You can choose the metrics and data to include in your PDF report file on this screen.

An example PDF report file looks like this:

You can easily export your report file and have a shorter summary of your test reports using Loadium PDF Export feature.

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