Running Load Test with FTP Server

What is FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

FTP server is an application that allows files to be transferred from one computer to another. Files can be transferred to any computer over the Internet.

FTP is a standard network protocol used for the transfer of files between a client and server on a computer network.

Why Do We Need to Load Test the FTP Server ?

There may be slowdowns in network speeds, latency or server on the FTP server. File transfer can take minutes or hours when the FTP server starts to slow down or crashes. The effect can be much greater when there are large file shares via the FTP server.

Load testing is needed to measure how much load the FTP server can withstand and to find bottlenecks.

How to Test FTP Servers with Jmeter?

Add FTP Request Defaults (Test Plan -> Add -> Config Element -> FTP Request Defaults)

FTP Request Defaults is not used to send an ftp FTP request. It is used to make the definitions in an FTP request.

You can set the required elements for a test, as shown below. We are using the Server at, a sample FTP server running on the standard FTP port 21.

Add FTP Request (Thread Group -> Add -> Sampler -> FTP Request)

You need to add "FTP Request” to send an FTP request.

We write the path to the file and the username and password of the FTP server as shown below. Since we defined it in "FTP Request Defaults" before, we do not need to define the "Server Name or IP" part again, so we leave this field blank.

Then we start the test.

Enjoy testing!

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