Compare Test

A guide for using Loadium's test comparing feature.

Running performance tests and analyzing the results is important, but another crucial factor is comparing results between different reports and understanding if there is an improvement from previous runs.

You can access to comparing test page from the top banner. At first you will notice that it is disabled, because there is no tests selected to compare.

Selecting Tests to Compare

When you enter to one of your tests, you will see the previously run test sessions. Then you can see the checkbox next to each session, and clicking on it will add it to comparing page. After you click on the checkbox, you will notice that Compare Test page has a number showing, and the page is enabled for clicking.

You can compare 2 tests at the same time, and if you want to change tests, you need to remove previously selected and then add the new one.

Comparing the Tests

On the first sight of the page, you will be at the Overview tab, and you will also notice the Request List of the selected tests on the left side.

There are 3 ways to compare metrics of the tests:

  • Overview

    • Overall data comparison of metrics

  • Stats

    • Numerical data comparison of requests

  • Graphs

    • Graphical data comparison of requests

Request List

All of the requests that has data metrics from the test will be listed here. You can use checkboxes to view its data to be shown in STATS and GRAPHS pages.

Overview Tab

This tab is for viewing and comparing overall metrics of tests rather than specific data from requests. Selecting data from Request List has no effect on this page. All of the metrics shown in this page is sum of all requests.

Sum of all requests data can be seen for each session as table at the top (Total Hits, Total Errors, Average Throughput etc.).

There is also User-ResponseTime graphic available for each session to compare side by side.

Stats Tab

You can compare the numerical data of the selected requests on this tab. Choosing a request from request list will add its data to table. The order which you choose will be reflected to table, so you can create your own custom table for both comparing, and also copying data to export to elsewhere.

Graphs Tab

You can compare the graphical data of the selected requests on this tab. Choosing a request from request list will add its data to the graph. You can create your own custom graphs on this page and then save it as image.

Percentile Graph

Percentile metrics are a measure of response time, which is industrial standart to interpret the performance. Percentile graph is a special graph that is only available while comparing, allows you to compare more efficiently between the tests.

Happy testing!

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