VUH - Virtual User Hour

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What is VUH (Virtual User Hours)?

VUH stands for Virtual User Hour. A single VUH corresponds to 1 user per 1 hour or 4 users per 15 minutes.

Why Loadium has a second option in pricing?

One of the reasons for us to include VUH is that it is the industry standard to price load testing products, so that you can easily compare. Another reason is because VUH allows you to use Loadium extra flexibly, for instance, you don’t have execution limits with VUH.

The smallest interval is 15 minutes. For example a 1000 user test running for a 25-minute test would consume 500 VUHs.

How to Calculate VUH?

You may calculate the VUH with the formula below:


How many VUH do I use to run a test?

To determine how many VUH you need, you should take your highest traffic as the basis and add an additional 10% traffic to that level, to stay in the safe zone and you can calculate VUH based on the formula above.

When will you charge my usage from my account?

Before running a load test, you can see how many VUH will be charged from your account under the test parameters slider. When you run the test, the usage will be charged.

What is the minimum commitment?

You need to buy min 15.000 VUH for your tests to be charged based on VUH.

What payment options do you offer?

We have a prepaid option for VUH. After purchasing VUH, you can see the number of VUH in your account and run your performance tests.

When will I be billed when I exceed my package?

Since we have a prepaid option, you can’t exceed your limit in your package.

Do you offer a discount for purchasing in advance?

If you need over 500.000 VUH, please contact us to talk about your package.