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Details of the subscription system in Loadium
Subscription system allows Loadium users to get continuous flow of benefits from its services, without interruption, and suit better to users' tight schedule for performance testing.
Since performance testing can be considered to have a seasonal fluctuation, Loadium has very flexible subscription management to address to this situation.

Subscription Types

Loadium provides 2 types of subscription plans which are Annual and Monthly.
In Annual Subscription Plans, you pay once while purchasing the chosen package and use it during a year. After your plan ends, your subscription is renewed automatically, if you don't cancel.
In Monthly Subscription Plans, you pay once a month and use it until the end of month. After your plan ends, your subscription is renewed automatically, and your remaining test counts are not transferred to your new plan.

Changing Plan

If your current plan doesn't meet your need any more you can upgrade your plan, or if you don't have any test usages left in your current plan, you can re-purchase or upgrade your current plan during the middle of your subscription.
When you successfully update your plan, your billing cycle will be updated, starting from the new purchase date. Notice, test usages from previous plan will not be transferred to the new purchased plan.

Canceling Subscription

After canceling your subscription, it will not renew automatically. You can still keep using Loadium with your current plan and test usages, until the expiration date.
When your subscription is cancelled, price discounts and all other advantages from coupons and similar services will not be applied to your next purchase.

Unsuccessful Renewal Payment

If the payment is unsuccessful to renew your subscription, it will be re-tried for 3 more times within 3 days. After a successful payment, your package contents will be refreshed automatically. You can also add a new card to make the transaction.
After 3 days unsuccessful payment, your subscription will be cancelled, and price discounts and other advantages from coupons and similar services will be discontinued.
After this cancellation, your account will be automatically downgraded to the free plan. You can check all plan details here.​

Managing Credit Cards

During your first package purchase, credit-card you enter will be saved to your Loadium account, and will be set to "default card" automatically for further transactions. Cards that are tagged as "default" cannot be removed from the account.
You can add new cards to your account and change your default card. If you have any questions, you can contact our support team.
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