New Relic

When you have New Relic deployed on cloud and a registered application, New Relic provides a key specific to your account. This key is used to connect your Loadium Tests into a New Relic instance.

Step 1: Create a Loadium Test

Create a JMeter or HTTP test by using these links:

Step 2: Configure New Relic Key

Loadium’s “Create Test” screen has a tab reserved for New Relic configuration. Select New Relic.

Then click “Add New Relic”. You can add as many as New Relic connections into your tests.

Step 3: Select New Relic KPI’s

After selecting “Add New Relic”, you have a “New Relic API Key” field. This field should be filled with the key provided by your New Relic account. There’s no validation at this point. Then you should select an ENTITY Type that you create on New Relic. After the Entity Type selection, Loadium validates your New Relic key and populates the application you integrated with New Relic.

Finally, you should select the ITEMS that must be monitored during load test execution.

There are many items that you can select, there’s no item limit to add on Loadium. Select the ones that you will monitor and hit Save.

Now, execute your test and monitor the results on test execution screen. New Relic data will start to be populated in a few seconds after the test starts.

Enjoy load testing!

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